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Nowadays, crazy price increases are one of the main factors that make investors look to cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies.

“The insane price increase in one cryptocurrency over the last few weeks has been quite encouraging for people to invest in crypto. The principle of take the profit. Second, investors may also need new alternatives after the stock market,”.

In simple definition, cryptocurrency is a soft commodity that can be used for transactions and investments.

However, in Indonesia it can only be used for investment through the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). As for transactions, they have not obtained permission from the relevant agencies.

Crypto investment has actually existed at the global level for a long time. Even the value of Bitcoin, one of the cryptocurrencies, is able to accelerate with growth per year that can reach 77 percent per year.

So, crypto investing is one of the most profitable investment alternatives. The growth in crypto money prices is no joke, with an increase of more than 100 percent in just a matter of days.

One example is Dogecoin which shot off after Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk “advertised” on his social media. Since the start of this year, the price of the cryptocurrency bearing the Shiba Inu dog logo has risen thousands of percent.

“Judging from the demographics of our investors, currently there are more millennial young investors who are indeed risk lovers. They are aiming for profits. Now, bitcoin offers great benefits but the risks are great. So crypto is a very popular investment alternative today,” .

Regarding the discourse on the formation of a crypto asset exchange in the country, Nailul considered this a good step because it would facilitate investment transactions and provide guarantees of transaction security for investors.

“Of course, this must be accompanied by cryptocurrency education, especially about the risks of this investment. The existence of a crypto exchange will be the main motor of education for this crypto currency in addition to official sellers and CoFTRA,”

Of course in the future, there will be a period of decline in public interest in cryptocurrencies when the price has reached its peak, but after that it can go up again more quickly. Moreover, technological developments are getting faster and other cryptocurrencies are emerging.

“Especially if later this crypto currency can be used as a medium of exchange, it will become a lucrative investment tool. So Bank Indonesia plans to make its own digital currency. It is good that we are not left behind from other countries that are starting to make their own digital currencies,” .

Cryptocurrency targets the millennial generation and generation Z segment with the upper middle income class. Millennial generation are those who were born in 1981–1996, while generation Z was born in 1997–2012.

He also provides a few tips for people who are interested in trying out investing in cryptocurrencies.

“If I suggest looking at the market cap and valuation of the digital company that creates the cryptocurrency. Crypto currency is invisible, so it can’t be measured by performance like the stock market usually. Second, look at the backing value of this currency. “So for example, if Bitcoin uses energy, if DCEP, Chinese crypto currency, uses RMB,”.

Present as a bridge of information about the introduction of the crypto world and its benefits and risks.

INFINITY GOLD is a community under the Indonesian Digital Asset Entrepreneurs Association (PPDAI) which aims to educate the public about digital assets and their implications for people’s economic life.

INFINITY GOLDis a token utility that is given for FREE to all PPDAI member stake holders who want to learn and invite all people to be able to participate about the increasingly global crypto world.

INFINITY GOLD also provides business opportunities for anyone who wants to develop their business capabilities and can help micro-entrepreneurs in their respective regions.

The next target is that INFINITY GOLD will create a decentralized Crypto learning based application using INFINITY GOLD (INFG) as a global medium of exchange.

We firmly believe that the education sector needs information on the development of the crypto world that is not taught in their subjects, so they must also master the investment market that is attractive to them for their future lives.

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Present to change the worlds better

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Infinity Gold

Infinity Gold

Present to change the worlds better

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